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With so many different types of therapy out there it can be an absolute minefield as to which one would suit you and your issues best. I am not saying my word is the holy grail, but as someone who has visited a few in my time, I reckon I can break it down.

Firstly it’s key to note the different methods:

  • Psychoanalysis: An analysis on thoughts and a clinical diagnosis can be made.
  • Psychiatry: The only therapy where medication can be prescribed.
  • Psychotherapy: A talking based therapy using psychological methods, working with the client to help change and overcome problems in a desired way.

I have only ever experienced psychotherapy and therefore can’t say much else about the other two methods. I have had a few friends on medication however and it would seem that was the only available path to them in certain times. If you are prescribed meds, make sure you are in psychotherapy as well, because it is very well to medicate to eradicate but it doesn’t do that, and your overall aim is to be meds free, in which case you need to sort your brain and thinking patterns out too.

Visit Other Approaches to see which ones I vouch for.

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