Having lived in London all my life, which is a rarity nowadays, I can happily admit I’m a city girl through and through. Starting my roots in West London, either She Bu if I want to feel rude girl or Chiswick for the yuppies, I lived a charmed childhood. Might have slightly come off the rails in my mid teens, but that’s something I can come back to, after school ventured up north to Leeds Uni and what a few years that was, I learned about the North Vs South divide, and returned to London with 2 glorified northern mates.

Since then I’ve been in the rat race trying to find the ‘dream’ job, trying to find my ‘passion’ and trying not to be jealous of my mates who just so happened to have found theirs!

At 27 I started a Psychotherapy course with the potential view to becoming a therapist. I am currently in the foundation year, and whilst I try to work out whether I can commit myself to a further 4 years studying at this point in my life, I felt it would be a great time to write some life experience & dish out some advice. This is NOT a health, beauty or fashion blog, you can call this the word of all words, or simply Pasc’sWord.



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