QT: How Many Dates Should You Have Before You Do The Deed?


Question Time: The age old question of how long one should wait until you seal the deal. If you do it too quickly will you look too easy, will the guy be put off, will he simply dump and run? But also a lady has needs too, and it’s hardly like we are expected to be virgins before we marry. So what is the right answer that will give you what you need and also help you keep your man?

Some people say after 3 dates the acceptable time arises. Others say they prefer to do every base apart from sex for at least 8 dates!

Answer: You must look at it in 2 ways. Firstly, if you know you’re one of those girls who bones and falls in love immediately (slash becomes obsessive and crazy jealous) then you must hold off, in fact don’t invest your time in a man, buy a vibrator, much easier for you emotionally.

For the rest of us, I would say 3 dates is the perfect time. The fact is, you can really get on well with someone, but if there isn’t any sexual chemistry then you need to know sooner rather than later. Every lady has needs, and they need to be met, we aren’t just some holes for them to enjoy themselves with. In terms of going down, that’s more a relationship vibe, lord knows where he was the night before and you’re considering putting your mouth around it??? NO NO NO, Genital Warts + Mouth = ruined for life!

Lesson to Learn: Know yourself well enough to know what you can handle, if once you have sex you expect to marry the guy, then you wait (or perhaps see a therapist because hunni it sounds like you’re a bunny boiler), however if you’re more aware and wanting your own needs met, then crack on, sex first, rest comes later.

6 thoughts on “QT: How Many Dates Should You Have Before You Do The Deed?

      • sdcannon says:

        That’s what I mean. And I suppose if you aren’t in tune to each other enough to know both of your intentions, or aren’t to the point where you can ask then you realistically probably shouldn’t be having sex with each other anyway!


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