QT: I’ve Met Him Through A Dating App, Will People Judge Me If I Tell The Truth?


Question Time: You’ve met one of the dreamiest men and things are going pretty strong. However, the more you take him to mates parties the more the question arises of ‘soooooo how did you meet?’ You think that everyone will judge you for not being able to get a man the good old fashion way. Doesn’t online dating wreak of desperation? Surely there’s something wrong with you?  Do you come up with a lie to satisfy their needs of knowing, or tell the truth and risk everyone disowning you as a friend?

Answer: If your mates are that shallow, then the question should really be: should I sack them as mates??? Fact is, society has changed greatly and everything is online; we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, in fact people who can’t use digital should be disowned and sent back to the ice ages. What’s the difference between meeting someone online and meeting someone when you’re completely wasted at a party, surely the online one is better as at least you’re making a sober decision?

Lesson To Learn: If anyone chucks it at you about online dating, you simply ask them ‘oh were you kept up all night by your man too? Oh no you didn’t, shame, guess that’s what happens when you go for boring men to simply fit into the group…. At least with my one, we know we have the same passions (in and out of bed).

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