QT:You’ve Found Out He Is Cheating On Your Friend, HELP! What Do you Do?


Question Time: You’ve got hard evidence the little a**hole is cheating on your friend. Obviously you want to tell her, but she is so infatuated, talking of marriage etc that you simply can’t be the one to break it to her, plus you’ve heard what happens to the messenger.. SO what do you do?

Answer: Confront that lying bastardo. Firstly, do so in a public place, make sure to record the conversation, tell him you have naked snaps of him and not only soon will they be going up as your profile pic, but also they are on the way to the printers to be made into real life size posters. Then you shall go onto explain that he needs to tell your friend of his misdemeanours. And perhaps if he does so by the end of today then all of the above will be locked away in a safe only to be used if he doesn’t leave your friend alone.

Once the deed has been done, you organise a big ladies night at yours to cheer her up, oh and of course you must give her the obligatory break up survival kit: a picture of Ryan Gosling with a brand new vibrator.

Lesson to Learn: Don’t be the messenger if you don’t have to, but make sure it is done right. Overall aim is to keep your friend’s hurt to a minimum, and to help pick her up so that soon she’ll forget the ex and have moved on to an Italian stallion who shows her how it’s really done…

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