QT: Everyone’s Getting Married, Where Does That Leave Me?


Question Time: I’m in my late 20s and it feels like everyone is getting married and settling down to grownup life, but I’m no where near that, I’m not even sure what I’m doing in life? Cue anxiety and fear of being left behind….

From your smug friends who have just got engaged (you truly are happy for them but that doesn’t discount that they’re smug) to the ones who are popping out tiny humans. You start to get panicked, what if it will never happen to you? What if you never meet the perfect man, or what if the man you’re with isn’t 100% right? Will you ever have kids???

Tip: This is the time you need to stop, take a breathe and actually see the good points in your life. Don’t panic rush into a bad relationship or panic rush out of a good one, just WAIT. Remember the pros and cons list in previous blogs, write one of these. What’s great about your life and what could you change/tweak? Focus on those, not on everyone else’s lives and dreams, they’re theirs, not yours. You may have a bucket list to tick off before settling down, do it now, this is your time! Maybe you want to experience an Italian stallion or a silver fox once in your life, go go go because as you get older, these types won’t fancy you so much.

Lesson to Learn: With age gravity pulls everything down, and you’re still young and pert so crack on, time is running out to have this fun. Time isn’t running out to settle down and have babies, when you do meet the love of your life they’ll love you no matter how saggy your boobs are. So then you can look back at your life and feel content that you have truly lived it to the full before embarking on being a grown up.

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