QT: How To Deal With His Ex?


Question Time: You’re happy & settled in your relationship, you’re safe in the knowledge that no one new could sway either of you. But then up pops his ex… She is messaging him all the time, drunk calling him and somehow wherever you both are she just happens to be too. He swears he isn’t interested and that she is just trying to be friendly. But why now, you’ve been with him for months and she wasn’t around before?

You have 2 ways to go with this, you tell him to stop being in contact with her, but then you seem like a jealous crazy lady, or you let them continue and hope he comes to his senses?

Tip: No one likes a psycho b*tch, the more you react to this, the more chances she has of worming her way back in. This is the moment you check yourself, check your relationship and check your head. Let her crack on, he’s waking up with you every morning, not her. Be sweetness and light when you see her, let them catch up and have a smile on your face when they do. They broke up for a reason and now he is with you, and who could compete with how you satisfy him…

Lesson to Learn: Don’t fall into the trap, be the cool chilled girlfriend he likes, and maybe if you find yourself in the loo with her quietly lock her in the cubicle, then take your boyfriend and go.

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