QT: Am I That Into Him?


Question Time! Time has flown by and would seem that you’ve nearly got yourself into a relationship, but there’s a niggling feeling that you’re just not completely into him. With previous relationships you wanted to rip their clothes off, you thought of them all the time, you couldn’t even muster the will to eat if you hadn’t heard from him for one day. But this guy, well nothing seems to faze you, if you don’t see him for a week you’re not starving to death, if he doesn’t message for two days you hadn’t even noticed. What does this mean? Does it mean you should stop it now as it clearly isn’t going anywhere or do you continue going hoping that maybe one day you’ll become obsessed with him, love does grow and that?

Fact: You are merely talking about the difference between lust and love. One is a dangerous passion that has a clear ending point, the other is a mature and real life situation. Lust brings you crazy sex, deep feelings of obsession, jealousy and sometimes self hatred. Love offers you someone that equally feels as you do, someone who is there to grow with you and make you be the best you can be (if you think you’re in love and you don’t experience the above then GET OUT NOW).

So in short, if you question your potential new relationship by comparing it to previous lustful ones, it never stands a chance and nor do you for real found happiness.

Lesson to Learn: Everyone should experience lust once in their lives, it would be criminal not to. But when it comes down to it, the thing we all seek is love; a best friend, a partner in crime and a lover all in one. If you’re missing the insane sex part, revert back to: Where Has The Honeymoon Gone for inspiration, or failing that a glass of wine and rabbit time.

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