Grass Is Greener – Whichever Side You’re On



You’re in a relationship, you’re in love, most of the time you’re happy BUT you can’t help be jealous of your single mates, out and about with no worries meeting fitties and coming back with funny tales. Question: Do you stay put or join the others on whats seems to be the fun, wild side of life?

The same can be felt on the opposite side. You’re single, trying your best to find someone to hang with, not just a quick bone, but someone that you can have fun with, who listens to you and makes you feel good about yourself. All your mates are in relationships, no one is around anymore to go out and be your wingman; they’re all having supper parties with other couples and being smug. Question: Do you settle for the next best thing so you too can be loved and part of a twosome, or continue being free until you meet the someone you actually want to be with?

The fact is no matter what side you’re on, you will always feel a pull to be on the opposite side, nothing is ever 100% right and you can always pick flaws in your situation. However, you must remember that every situation changes, one day you’ll be in a loving relationship, the next you will waking up to an empty bed. Similarly, one day you’ll be eating crisps alone on your sofa, the next you’re having amazing new relationship sex. So for now you need to focus on the current side you’re on, find the positives and enjoy it.

Lesson to Learn: You must be in the present, to wish for something you haven’t got is a waste of time and energy. Life has a funny way of sorting itself out, without you having to bring your anxious itches to the table.

One thought on “Grass Is Greener – Whichever Side You’re On

  1. Daniele Ferreyrol says:

    A very positive way to enjoy the present, which is after all, the only place we are at. Excellent advice, good to be reminded.


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