First Date – Who Pays?



OK you’re coming to the end of your date and the bill has been asked, what stance do you take? Obviously he is going to pay, he needs to impress me. OR. Let’s go halves as that’s only fair.

My thoughts go like this. You are both working people just trying to make a living, so it’s not fair that he is expected to pick it up, what happened to equality and all that? It’s a first date, neither of you can be sure of where it will go, so it’s always best to leave it on a nice note, with him leaving and thinking yea that girl was super cool; even if you’re not for each other, you never know he may have some fit mate tucked away and with great compliments from him the fitty could be yours….

However, if it does lead to another date you have set the tone for the type of lady you are: Independent, Not a Skank and Respectful. So when the next bill comes on the second date, you can happily lean back and let him pay – you have already paid your dues, no need to go overboard now.

Lesson to Learn: Don’t be cheap and pay your way (at first) once they’ve fallen for you, you never need to think of this again. What’s his is yours and all that….

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