Not Sure Where You Are In Life?


Pretty dramatic statement I know. And quite honestly I can’t sit here and pretend to tell you how to get to know ‘where you are in life’, as I am still searching. But I can share some tips.

Firstly, I am a true believer in taking risks. The risk is never that bad, (unless you have a family to provide for, then knuckle down and make the dollar!) if something  doesn’t work, then find something else, no biggie.

Pen, paper and write: what is it at this current time that makes you happy, what do you enjoy doing, it’s about the now…. What don’t you enjoy, that’s important too, so you can see it clearly written down and not fool yourself into doing it again.

Remove all jealous feelings of others, that’s one of the most pointless past times. You don’t even want to do what they do, and yes they may seem happy right now, but maybe next month their company will go bust or their heart will be broken, they won’t seem so happy then!

Lesson to learn: Take risks, be bolshy about trying to find what you want to do and don’t fret about where you’ll be in 5 years, if you’re not living in the present then how will you even get to the future.

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