Where’s The Honeymoon Gone?



We have all been there, 8 months into your relationship and it suddenly hits you. You’re not banging everyday, you can’t remember the last time you went on a date and you certainly don’t have any qualms about wearing your pjs and white gone grey pants. What has it come to….?

You are both to blame, unless you have constantly nagged your partner about it and they’ve done nothing to help the situation (then break up with them there and then). But in most cases this is simply the norm. I am not saying you must accept it, but you must realise it and then change it – only if you still like them of course, sometimes when the rose tinted glasses come off and the sex becomes boring, you realise it was only lust and they should be binned anyway.

But if you fall into the category of wanting to make it work, do the following:

  1. Throw away your rank underwear, swap for sexy/feel good stuff.
  2. Don’t have sex at the exactly same time of each day (week/month) change it up. Do it before you get into bed, maybe straight after work or before supper, surprise them and surprise yourself, no one likes routine sex….
  3. Plan date nights, 1 every two weeks (let’s be realistic). You have 1 week they have the next. If either of you fail to keep it up – punishments should be dished, I know for me what the ultimate punishment would be, down.
  4. Take a weekend break, don’t scrimp on it, go somewhere sick.
  5. Go to Ann Summers, a treat for you and a treat for him.

Lesson to Learn: It’s unrealistic to think a relationship will continue to be what it was like in your honeymoon period, you must understand this point, want to make a change and more importantly actually want to be with that person, the rest is simple with a bit of work.

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