Can’t Stop Checking His Page….



We have all been there, no matter what anyone says, everyone has been hooked on psychotically checking his page, every time you log on you can’t help seeing what he has been up to, who he has befriended, where he has been. This often leaves you feeling anxious, bummed out and unhealthily angry.

Just STOP for a second and think. It’s almost like a form of self harm, it’s not about him but about you. He represents everything you thought you were going to have, the dream, your number 1 forever and then he wasn’t so. But the fact it wasn’t so is exactly what you must remember, it wasn’t bloody right, had you of continued down the path with him, you’d end up a tranquillized divorcee with 3 children and no money (extreme perhaps but possible).

Right now you need to transition past the feel sorry for me, hate him phase and go to being in the Present Phase. Present: Your great mates, the fun you can have on a night out not knowing what or who might happen, the freedom, being selfish and not feeling bad. See?

Lesson to Learn: His page might as well be a black hole, up to you if you want to get stuck in the vortex or climb yourself out and into unicorn land where anything is possible.


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