Sunday Blues


It’s Sunday, the last day of the precious weekend. The hours are flying by, you’re not even enjoying this day of freedom, all you can think is URGH tomorrow… The fear creeps, the endless thoughts of how you can get out of tomorrow, how much work you have, what you’re boss will bang on about now. Before you know it, you blink and that’s it, Sunday has gone… What a waste, what have you actually done with your Sunday?

How to change this: When you wake up Sunday morning fresh or hungover. Write 1 goal you want to achieve for that day. Stick to that goal, if you can fit a couple more in do. Have a 10 minute meditation, take your mind off the fear, it’s a wasted feeling. Grab a coffee or drink (for the hard nuts) with a mate, much better to get distracted with their issues than wallowing in this feeling of despair. Then after all of these steps, write a pros & cons list of your job (you must be in the right frame of mind to not be negatively biased). If you really can’t see anything good out of it, change it. You’re not stuck in something for life.

Lesson to Learn: You are your own boss, anxious feelings every Sunday should tell you something isn’t right, you just need to figure out whether it’s them or you. Once you know, you can change it.



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