Your Dating Chat Don’ts – Ladies



  • Don’t tell them you’ve heard about their bad boy rep in the hope they’ll spend the next 30 mins trying to convince you they’re a one lady guy, oh and yes you’re their one lady. It either makes them feel like the don (and in fact we are wanting them to make US feel like the don) or really it just puts them off because put simply it’s stinky chat.
  • Don’t tell them you’re a super chilled out girl, not even looking for a relationship just wanting some fun. We ALL know that’s a lie. But also won’t help you’re case when you’re trying to manoeuvre the ‘what are we chat’ because that’ll be slammed right back at you. The fact is you don’t know if he’s the fun sex one or the one to marry down, so for now just keep sipping your drink.
  • Don’t even bother going down the avenue of telling them you’re not a first date kind of girl. If you’re back at theirs and prancing around in your underwear, then you basically are. Either own it, like yea I am going to shag you this eve, because I have needs so make sure you try to meet them please. Or you kiss after the last bar and go home to play with your rabbit….


Lesson to Learn: Having a good game is none of the above, anyone using those topics can expect a lifespan of 3 dates. Just be cool, naturally cool…


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