Should We Live Together?

Ah that burning question, is it the right time to live in together?

Whilst some of us may not have the luxury to choose with finances simply dictating it, others do, and even that question has the ability to make or break a relationship.

The questions you need to ask are:

  • Why has the situation arisen? Length of relationship, for ease of purposes, control, ready for the next move, it’s the love of your life…
  • Are you happy with the stage your relationship is at?
  • What does the future hold for your relationship?
  • What are the pro’s & con’s of living with a partner?

Write down your answers and see which way they lean towards – positive would be answers lending to the idea that it’s the right thing to do for you both to move forwards, this is the guy you want to be with, it will not affect your current way of living but simply enhance it. Negative includes, you’ve been together for so many years it must be the next step, it’s nicer to know where he is all the time & he is coming home to you (or vice versa – stop him being aggy).


Lesson to Learn: Don’t rush into anything. Writing pro’s & con’s down in any situation helps to see it clearly, and if it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time, postpone it. These could be your last years of freedom…

living together

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