Everything has been going swell with countless daily messages, apart from you haven’t heard much from him today, come to think of it nor yesterday, hmmmm something doesn’t seem right, women’s intuition and that. Right, I’ll go out with the ladies, sink a wine or four. Then BOOM, your fingers are dialling him, no no you hang up (or a mate hangs up for you!). You rush to the loo and send a text in secret, ‘hey, what’s up, all ok? Haven’t heard from you in a while… Im just out with the girls having a great time’. Enter the beginning of the end.

 2 points here to note. You NEVER message the guy first when you’re on a night out, you’re having far too much of a good time to be thinking of him. Exception to this rule, if he texts you first – you want to show you are girlfriend material and of course can go out and still be contactable (not completely off your face where you forget all morals!). Second point, his behaviour might have changed a little in the build up to this fateful night, but DO NOT let your brain run in circles, RATIONAL thought is key – men simply don’t check the algorithms of their previous texts like we do.

Lesson to learn: If you know you, delete his number before going out. Give it to a good mate (just in case he texts you and you need to make sure it is him) but only under those rules. You can get the number back the next day, when sober in the cold light of day.



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